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ClickFunnels: Easiest Way to Upsell & Increase Profits

Why Upsell? Ask McDonalds!

McDonalds spends $1.91 to bring a customer through their doors. 

And they make $2.09 when they sell the customer a burger. That's a measly profit of 18c! Don't make much business sense hey?!

But when the lady at the counter asks, "Would you like some fries and Coke with that?", statistics say that 70% of the time the customer will add the extras on. Now McDonalds makes an extra $1.32 profit on the upsell. 8x the profit of the initial sell, with no extra effort!

McDonald's strategy is starting to make business sense now hey?

So what does this have to do with you?

Are you selling stuff online? A product, book or service?

Well if you are, chances are you're using a flat website with a shopping cart or some type of landing page like Leadpages. That's awesome! I use Leadpages too. It's made my life so much easier as I can deploy pages for a campaign in lightening quick time. Next send traffic to the page, which usually is highly optimised for conversions. It works great... for opt-ins and lead generation. 

But if you want to actually sell stuff via your page, accept payments and offer upsells or cross-sells.. good luck buddy! You would need a whole lot of band-aid to stick different tools together, and a few sleepless nights.

That's until now! Lucky for you, you're living in an age of never-ending innovation. ClickFunnels is a revolutionary new product for internet marketers and entrepreneurs that you can use to build a fully functioning sales funnel in MINUTES! I kid you not...

A Best-Selling Book Funnel in Minutes

I'm a wannabe author. I know there are millions out there, sadly. To my credit - I have it in this month's goals to get my book ready to edit...

Anyhow. Russell Brunson, the creator of ClickFunnels, sold 26,187 copies of his first ever book, Dotcomsecrets, using a sales funnel. (By the way, visit his book page on the link. The video will give you goosebumps!)

When you join ClickFunnels, he gives you several of his high-performing sales funnels for FREE. Complete with swipe copy and elements. All you have to do is upload your images and customise the copy.

That's exactly what I did. See images below. He uses an interesting strategy of giving the book away for FREE, all you have to do is pay for shipping. Sounds like a bargain!

So you go ahead, enter your shipping details and credit card billing for $10 shipping. Then you go through a series of one-click upsells for supplemental products he has on offer. Clever hey!

It took me about 10 minutes to edit his exact, working funnel for my book - complete with upsell offer

Once the visitor completes the form and enters their credit card details for the $10 shipping charge, they're offered my online course with a great discount. All it takes is ONE CLICK to add it to the order

Now you could add a further level after this page, with another supplementary offer. And the items just get added on to the order. Sure..not everyone will take you up on the offers...but even 1 in 10 will translate to a healthy extra profit!

What the world's e-commerce authority, Ezra Firestone, has to say about upsells...

​Ezra Firestone is an e-commerce maestro who runs several seven and eight-figure e-commerce businesses. He also runs a marketing training site called Smart Marketer.

On a recent blog post, he outlines how upselling grew the Average Order Value on one of his Shopify sites by 20%!

This is what he had to say:

Okay, so before we started offering upsells our average order value was $58.04. Not bad when you consider our main product sells for around $35, but not nearly as good as it was about to be.

When I started implementing post-purchase one click upsells I saw an extra $12.50 added to my AOV—almost overnight. Can you guess how interested I became???And some days it went as high as an extra $20 per order.

How Much Is an Extra $12.50 Really Worth? You may be thinking $12.50 doesn’t sound like the sort of game-changing returns that brings me back to the Smart Marketer blog every week. Well, let’s do some simple math to find out how far my newly earned $12.50 really goes:

If we continue to do our average of ten orders a day, that’s an extra $12.50 x 10 = $125...So what, right? But extend that average across the year and you get this $125 x 365 Days = $45,625

Extra $45,625 for doing nothing but offering an upsell? Sign me up any day!

After running his OneClickUpsell Shopify app on a total of 412 Shopify stores, serving 21,000 upsells, he gained valuable insights! And was generous enough to share the info with his readers.

1) ​What is the best price point to offer on your upsell?

$21,05 was the average price of the 21,000 upsells his app generated. But...

The upsell price should be dictated by the price of the initial offer. On one of his stores he even has an upsell of $500!

2) ​What is the highest converting upsell you can offer?

Wait for it...more of the item they just bought! This blew his mind. But when the customers went through his upsell sequences, the offers that converted most, was more of the same item.

The trick is to sweeten the deal a little. For example, offer 3 more of the items they just ordered, for the price of 2!

3) ​How big a discount should you offer on an upsell?

As big as you can afford! Here's why...

Remember, you've spent zero marketing money on the upsell. The ad spend should be covered in the price of the initial purchase. So now anything over and above that is almost pure profit. All you need to recover is your cost of the item, and the rest is profit.​


So there you have it! Amazon does it. All the major e-commerce players do it. Now it's your turn to upsell your way to mo money! Do you have a product or service to sell? I highly recommend you give ClickFunnels a try. They offer a 14-day FREE trial. And what's more...when you join, Russell sends you mind-blowing marketing secrets that you can use to grow your business!

Need help setting up your sales funnel?

Hit me up on Upwork! I'd love to help you get your funnel churning out cash 🙂

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