Right now you're probably thinking, "who's this guy kidding!"...

I don't blame you if you are. I would too. Except that I've seen the magic good copy can generate...over and over again.

There are a few simple things you bring to your writing to make sure it engages your prospect and gets them to the point of reading your pitch.

If I was advising my friend, I would offer them these 3 top tips:

1) Find a story to tell. Yes, mull over your topic for a while. Play with different angles. Find a story you can weave into your copy. Keep your sentences short...in the beginning at least. And lose the official speak. Your prospect has just invested a valuable portion of their finite time with you. Entertain or educate them first. It's much easier to sell to them after you've gained some brownie points!

2) Get to know your prospect. Talk like they talk, wear their clothes, get under their skin! Whatever you have to do to pinpoint what makes them tick...do it! It's not always simple. You may not have access to your target buyer in the flesh. But you need to go where they go. Either online or in real life. Get into a few conversations and keep your neural sensors finely tuned so that you pick up clues and cues. Then you can talk directly to them in your copy.

3) Find a gap in their experience. It should tie in with your product. Now twist the knife a little. Use the senses so they feel the discomfort again. Then back off a little...and paint the dream you're about to give them. Now listen up! You need to fine-tune your sensors and pick up any objections they could hurl at you. Calmly and meticulously disarm those objections. And at the end, just like a friend would...present your offer!

have i got you salivating yet?

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